Same way, rinse urad dal and soak it along with fenugreek seeds separately in a bowl. It is full of fiber and helps to prevent constipation and helps women who have irregular period problems. TAMIL: சாமை அரிசி . It also helps for women with irregular periods problems. I have tried "Little Millet Payasa/Kheer" and it is a healthy dish I … Let millet, urad dal+fenugreek seeds soak for 4-5 hours. Little millet is known as Saame in Kannada, Saamai -Tamil, Sama - Telugu and Chama in Malayalam. Wash and soak little millet in a bowl of clear water. Millets are called Siridhanya in Kannada and are one of the oldest known foods for humans. Nutrition. To make it easier while you shop for millets, refer the following table to know what millets are known by in different Indian languages. Millet Rice is obtained by milling the millet seed to remove the husk (its also called Hulled Millet). It is also known as small millet and considered as one of the highly nutritious foods. It also helps to reduce the fat depositions in the body. It is a wonderful millet that is suitable for people of all age group. Millets like foxtail, little, kodo, proso, barnyard have a shiny outer cover- husk (like paddy rice). Little millet has a significant role in providing nutraceutical components such as phenols, tannins and phytates along with other nutrients. Finger millet, pearl millet and jowar (sorghum) are naked grains without husk (like wheat). The husk is non-edible, so these millets need to be de-hulled and made into rice, ravaor flour. Little millet (Saame in Kannada and Saava in Marathi) is reported to have 37% – 38% of dietary fibre, highest among cereals and is termed as nutraceutical. Finger millet is the richest source of calcium (300-350 mg/100 g) and other small millets are a good source of phosphorous and iron. Also rinse poha/Aval/avalakki and soak it for 30 minutes before you start grinding. Little millet has been reported to have 37% to 38% of dietary fiber, which is the highest among the cereals. KANNADA: ಸಾಮೆ ಅಕ್ಕಿ . The Little millet or samai in reality is large in nutrition. The millet plays a major role in propagating food security in developing countries and under-developed countries. TELUGU: సామ బియ్యం Little Millet Rice can be used to prepare everything that one makes with paddy rice – all the biryanis, pulavs, mixed rices, etc. It improves the semen counts of men. HINDI: कुटकि का चावल . Visit now and request for free home delivery. Little Millet is one of the healthy millet. Kannada: Saame (ಸಾಮೆ). If using sago pearls, soak it along with little millet for 4-5 hours. Little Millet is known as " Same, ಸಾಮೆ " in Kannada/Karnataka's official language. Malayalam: Chama (ചാമ). Buy little millet online in Bangalore from leading organic products supplier Jivabhumi at reasonable price. It helps to prevent constipation & heals all the problems related to stomach. More and more people have started using millets and they are not yet popular by their English names rather the regional names. The protein content ranges from 7 … Little millet known as saamai in Tamil, Kutki in Hindi, Saame in Kannada,Sama in Telugu & chama in Malayalam is a wonderful millet which is suitable for people of all age groups.